I work in partnership with the individual with a choice of services. Specialising in: Nutritional support Nutritional support can be given by first assessing the individuals dietary intake and daily activities. Then adapting a programme to suit the individual. Well-being massage Massage (including Trigger Point Therapy) aims to reduce pain, increase flexibility and helps relaxation to give improved sleep and aid healing. Homeobotanical remedies Homebotanical remedies are derived from several herbs selected to treat the same conditions, signs or symptoms. They are individually made for each client then activated to release their full potential. They can be adjusted for optimum benefit. Reflexology Reflexology is massage on the feet. It is believed that each area on the feet relates to different areas of the body and so by working on these regions it benefits other body parts.

Whole-being health practitioner

I've been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years and I use my knowledge and judgement to assess the health needs of the individual to provide care, advice and support giving balance to their health.

Body work

As a health provider I am registered with ACC to provide treatment for those in need. This means that after paying a surcharge treatment session costs are reduced.