I specialise in nutritional support, musculoskeletal pain relief (acute and chronic), insomnia issues and concerns around emotional well-being.

"Uncertain times"

This phrase has been said so many times over the last few months.  However there hasn't been a lot of positive guidance.  What helps me through is "You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star." (Friedrich Nietzshce)

ACC provider

ACC provider. Small surcharge only. Treatment by Millie a Registered Nurse, Naturopath and body worker. 40 minutes treatment for only $25.  No Eftpos onsite however internet bank transfer available.

Anxious day and night, Now see a glimmer of hope.

Help for all who ask.

Challenge or opportunity.

Take a breath, rethink.

Be still, careful awareness.

Rain, sun and rainbow!

Natural health care for all.

strength is a healthy mind and body.

I'm a Naturopath and Registered Nurse qualified to improve health of the individual also an  ACC provider and member of the Naturopaths and medical Herbalists of NZ Inc.

Specialising in:

Nutritional support

Well-being massage

Trigger Point therapy

Homeobotanical remedies


Health consults are available face to face when restrctions allow but also via phone consults. 

Nutrition support can be given after an assessment of your dietary needs and an individual programme is offered to you.

Herbs (Homeobotanicals) are derived from several herbs to treat various conditions.  They are made for each client.

Body work.   Trigger point therapy with manual techniques or dry needling.

As well as Myofascial release which is a gentle massage working on connective tissue to decrease discomfort and increase flexibility.

Also Reflexology which is a massage on the feet. It is believed that each area on the feet relates to different areas of the body and so by working these regions it benefits other parts of the body. 

contact me to take control of your health.  I will work with you to regain your joy of life.

Untie those knots.

139 Union Road




022 6575913


Airmid L.E. - Millie Midgley@healthand healingwoman

working in partnership with you for optimum vitality.

At my clinic I will help you reach your goals to feel healthy, fit and give you the strength and knowledge to continue to have a zest for life.


Gift vouchers

Vouchers now available.. $85 each or 3 for $225 for 1 hour treatment.

contact.  Let me help you holistically.

Anything that affects the body affects the  mind.

My clinic is in Howick within a Holistic health centre with like minded practitioners. It is quiet and has ample parking.

022 6575913

working in partnership with you.

I work with the individual and aim to enhance their quality of life by reducing pain and increasing flexibility which helps relaxation to give improved sleep and aid healing.

Find your joy of life again

The mind controls the brain which controls the body.

Natural health care clinic for all your health concerns with natural,  holistic answers.
Effective, affordable solution. Using tried and tested Herbs, nutritional support and selected supplements, when necessary.
Massage and Reflexology.

Find your way back to the person you want to be.